Tuesday, May 27, 2008

Memorial Day Testing

We got a little crew together to run at Centennial on Memorial day. We had a blast. Weather was cool and it was only damp for ~30 minutes. Our buddy Josh was already packing up his 4 stroke TaG kart and he captured this video of our last session of the day. I'm in the white Helmet, driving the old kart to make sure it's ready for sale. It's still plenty quick! I think its actually faster than my 7 year newer kart. Tyson in mostly black and Steve in the light suit/black helmet.

I also tested a new mounting method for my helmet cam on my stock Honda kart. I mounted it on a strut over my right shoulder. The view is pretty cool because you see the wheel and shifting. It's reasonably stable as well. I ran that kart for most of the day and got some footage. I should edit that up sometime in the next week.

Since my last post, I ran a club race at Centennial on May 4th. It was kind of a setup nightmare, and I was off the pace, running harder than spec tires. But we learned a few things and I really appreciated Tyson coming out to be my Tuner. The video of the main was lost for an unknown reason. I've got quali and the heat race, but nothing really to share from it. Maybe I'll get a mini highlights reel from it.

1st big state race weekend is on June 20-22. I plan to rebuild most of the kart before that event. I hope to be well prepared and save energy throughout the weekend. One last tune up club race will be on the 1st. I hope to run that one a bit more seriously.

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