Wednesday, April 29, 2009

Winter testing in 1 day

The weather looks crappy this weekend, so I decided to go to the track today (Wednesday). Good choice. Great weather, had the place to myself, and saw some friends. I was there solo, but the helpful staff didn't hesitate to give me a hand getting the kart on and off the stand.

I was running some old tires, just getting comfortable in the kart. I adjusted the pedals and seat and finalized the engine install. Played with carburetor settings and even gearing. I tried setting the gear tall enough that I was only using 5 of the 6 gears. I took a lot of shifting out of the lap, but I think it is ultimately slower. It was awfully consistent, though.

Here is a short clip of two laps after I got the camera on and functioning. The 1st set of "charged" batteries I put in the recorder died in 30 seconds (as I entered the track). Sweet.

Winter testing at The Track from Jeff Field on Vimeo.

Monday, April 27, 2009

2009 is a GO!

Welcome back! I shouldn't have let this blog sit so long. I hope to keep it up a bit this year. More videos, more pictures, maybe more words.
After some debating on what I can afford to do for kart racing in 2009, I've got myself a newer used GP rolling chassis. It's the same one I "rented" and won a couple CSC races in 08. My friend Kirk (crew chief), and I put my spec moto engine on the kart this weekend and tied up all the loose ends.

This year, we've gone from having 1 regional series to 2. The Colorado Sprint Championship (CSC) remains with a 4 race schedule. The new series, Race the Rockies (RtR) is also 4 races. I plan to focus on RtR.

RtR series

The 1st round is May 17. I'm pumped. Grand Junction Motor Speedway is on the west side of the state, about 4 hours from Denver. They have a fantastic track that is really fun in both directions.

Here is a shot of the recently assembled machine. I still need numbers and some seat time to get dialed in.

We plan to test on the 1st, then do some club races on the 3rd and 10th. I hope everything goes well!