Wednesday, April 23, 2008

1st club race of the year (dancing with myself)

Well, the cliff notes are that Steve and I went out to spend several hundred dollars on plastic trophies, but I learned a few things too.

They run all the shifter classes in one go at the club races and only 1 other stocker was there. They are crushing me at the moment. But, I've got some ideas and some people that can help get me up there. I'm willing to work for the gains, this stuff is a ton of fun.

I ran into traffic on the 2nd hot lap of quali, so I shut it down and tried a 3rd, but botched it. Had to settle for the 54.0 i set on the 1st timed lap, only good for 8th or so. As I was pulling up the grid for the heat race, I had no clutch, AWESOME. The cable had come out of the yolk on the motor side. Nothing broken, I got a push and ran a lap down for the heat. I knew I'd start at the back for the main, but my tires were used anyway and I wanted to evaluate the setup some more. It was a little tight and I was just running out of gear. I've still got plenty to learn, but I think we are on the right path.

He is the video of the main. All of it. Hope you enjoy. My adjustments helped, but I could only run high 53's, I need another .5 and I figure the other .5 is in new rubber. We'll see. Kinda boring race, as I could not catch the modified guys in from of me. I got a good start, but a blinding dirt cloud caused me to get back out of it a bit. Also a nice little fight at the end of the race, as I went into cruise control and didn't realize I was under fire. More mental notes for the bigger races this summer.

Shifter Kart Race, IMI 4-20-08 from Jeff Field on Vimeo.

Results here, but lots of the data is suspect as several of us had no transponders.

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