Friday, March 14, 2008


I'm starting this blog so I'll have a little corner of the internet to share some of my racing trials and tribulations. I hope to capture and share some helmet camera footage of shifter kart racing this season. I know some friends and family have no idea what kind of excitement is going on at the track. Picturing the little lawn mower powered yard karts that you see kids driving in the neighborhoods.

This year I plan to run a few club races and make a full effort on the 6(maybe 7) race regional series. More info here, Colorado Sprint Championship. My local playground is The Track at Centennial.

Last year was my first year racing any sort of kart. I jumped right into one of the faster classes and learned some hard lessons. I think we also turned a few heads as rookies. My buddy Steve and I bought our first kart together and soon graduated into newer equipment. That 1st kart will be for sale shortly. Now I own a G.P.6 chassis (made by CRG in Italy) and a Honda CR125 dirt bike engine for use in the Stock Honda class (AKA Spec Shifter, or S3). This Spec class has been growing in popularity and is much less of a wallet competition than some other classes.

So, in the coming months I plan to share pictures, links to some videos, and links to results. I suppose you'll have to suffer through some of my poor writing as well.

Some links of interest that I'll toss in here...
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The helmet Camera arrives next week, pretty excited. Check back soon.

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